we’re made for this stuff

The story is this: disciples were sent ahead of Jesus, in a boat. Around 3 a.m. they see someone walking on the sea toward them, and think their eyes must be tricking them. Then the Someone speaks that He is Jesus, don't be afraid. {When the storm is building, listen closely.  "Have courage. It is … Continue reading we’re made for this stuff

why christians aren’t reading the bible

{Disclaimer:  Everything I've written below pertains to those who claim to follow Christ.} After taking a poll, and from my own experience, the top 3 reasons Christians give for not reading the Bible are: I don't understand what I'm reading. I don't have time. It's not relevant to our culture today. They seem like reasonable … Continue reading why christians aren’t reading the bible

i need Jesus (my prayer for deeper)

"I need 2018 to be different." That's what I said to God in the last hours of 2017. I said it to Him because I know it's pointless to say it to myself. With age comes experience and I have experienced enough broken promises to myself, so I've stopped making them. Promises. Resolutions. Whatever. They … Continue reading i need Jesus (my prayer for deeper)

confessions of a rebellious soul (warning: there may be cussing)

True confession:  I've always hated the word 'obey'. In all of its forms. In any kind of sentence.  Obey seemed oppressive. Controlling. Demeaning. Surely there was a softer way to put it. A gentler call to do what God wanted. Surely it isn't rebellion that feeds these thoughts. Surely.  The change began in October. That's … Continue reading confessions of a rebellious soul (warning: there may be cussing)

hashtag breathe

Sometimes it feels like I can't breathe. There's too much coming too fast and none of it brings peace. It's like the whole darn country is having 10,000 different arguments with itself and it just can't stop. And our children are watching. Growing up in an angry house nation with angry adults who seem to have … Continue reading hashtag breathe