how many times?

Matthew 18:21-35 stands in stark contrast to a particular theory prevalent in the counsel many receive, both secular and christian.  The question of "how many times" is answered by many with "not enough to enable them". Peter asked Jesus how many times he had to forgive his brother when he sinned against him.  Seven times? … Continue reading how many times?

the wheat forgets

Today was parable day as I followed Jesus into Matthew 13.  To be honest, parables are like riddles, and while I rock at puzzles, riddles make my head hurt.  Fortunately, the disciples were also riddle challenged, so Jesus explained His parables to them. I found the one about the wheat and tares particularly interesting today, so … Continue reading the wheat forgets

a glimpse and a mirror

Matthew 12:1-13 is an interesting passage. Actually, it became interesting to me today, because today is really the first time I read it in search of God's heart. I've read it many times before, and kind of understood the lesson in it, but today I squinted, and I caught a glimpse of something else. I … Continue reading a glimpse and a mirror

what did i expect?

Blind people see. Lame people walk. The unclean are now clean. Deaf people hear. Dead people are now alive. And the lost are being found. Blessed is the one who doesn't walk away because he was expecting something else. That was Jesus' answer to John the Baptist's inquiry from prison:  "Are you the one who … Continue reading what did i expect?