I write far more comfortably than I talk. In a perfect world, I would engage in conversation solely by passing notes.

I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother (YaYa). I live in Texas and I can’t fall asleep unless I’m wearing socks.

In 1989, Jesus caught the heart He had been pursuing, and I have been following Him home ever since. Along the way, I discovered a calling to minister primarily, but not exclusively, to women in the Church. Although I love the hands on, face to face part of encouraging people, my favorite way to minister is through sharing what God is doing in me by way of this blog.

 Why Out of Eden?

I once did a study of the two primary gardens in scripture. The Garden of Eden, and Gethsemane.

In Eden: We bought the first lie and chose our own way over His, then tried to cover our shame and hide from God. The end result was separation from God.

In Gethsemane:  Jesus wrestled with and then died to His own will and took up the will of His Father, which was to die in our place, covering our sin and our shame in His blood, and restore us to God.

For me, Eden represents our rebellion. Gethsemane represents our redemption. My journey following Jesus has been learning to come out of Eden, and live in Gethsemane.

So welcome to my words, and thank you for taking the time to read them!

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