Hello_july_fireworksJuly in Texas. Also called, Oh hey there surface of the sun!

Unless you’re a July baby, this month means one thing. The 4th. After that, we’re all like meh, let’s see some August.

But this year, I’m diggin’ July a little more than usual because it’s bringing me a visit from my son and his family! His little just turned one, and I cannot wait to see her! And while I’m just as excited to see her parents, I probably won’t squeal and clap every time they get up and walk. No promises though. I really like these people a lot.

After that, in the middle of the month I’m attending my first writer’s conference. A whole day in Dallas soaking up as much wisdom and information as I can, and hopefully coming back full of fresh fire to get the book finished.

So, Happy July everyone! If you’re in Texas, don’t touch anything metal outside. You will lose.your.fingerprints. Seriously. Hands in your pockets.

Independence-Day-USA-And to my one British friend living here, I wish you a very not-awkward holiday weekend.

See ya!