Oh, September. You are that no-longer, not-yet place, aren’t you? You aren’t our summer, and you aren’t our winter. You are the place in between what was and what is coming.

raised_handOk, show of hands. Who here feels like they’ve been in a September season of life, spiritually speaking?

And who, besides me, has been kicking at the goads of their September because it feels like you’re in limbo, marking time, waiting for the next thing? Waiting to finally get up and get on with God’s plan for your life. (and who, besides me, had to look up “goads”?)

We all enter into September seasons, for a variety of reasons.

“He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength. Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;…” Isaiah 40:29-31

Maybe your September season is a time of REST, of waiting on God so that your strength is renewed for the next season. So, rest. Be instead of do. For those who struggle with the stillness of waiting, be assured that September is not forever, but it is a season you need, so you may as well cooperate with it. Be still, be with God, build up your strength.

Or is this a September season of PREPARATION? Consider the first disciples. They had been living their lives, doing what they had always done, and then Jesus said “follow me”. They were no longer simply fisherman but they weren’t yet world changing fishers of men. Their September season would be spent following Him oh.so.closely. Learning, growing in their understanding and in their faith. It was a time of refining and defining that was necessary for the season that was coming. So, as much as you may feel stifled and want to just get on with the adventure, you need this September. Every world changer needs this September. Be His student. Follow close. Let Him challenge, refine and define your faith. This is a time for you to know Him more. Savor it.

And then there’s the September season of REPENTANCE. Think Israelites in a 40 year trip around the desert. No longer captives, but not yet walking in freedom. Still trusting in idols. Rescued, but still worrying, grumbling, complaining. Unwilling to trust God fully. Discontent, despite all He has done. Trusting God is a choice, not an event. It’s not a feeling that suddenly sweeps over you. It’s a choice you make every single day. And the more you make that choice, the easier it gets, until it hardly feels like a choice anymore. But there are no fences in the Kingdom of God, so that split-rail you think you’re sitting on? You aren’t. You are standing in unbelief. So, repent already. Because if you don’t, your September will.not.end.

I think for most of us, our Septembers are a combination of all of the above, plus others I haven’t thought of. How we deal with it is up to us. What I’m learning though? Fighting it is pointless. God will have His September in our lives, because September seasons are good for us.


So grab something pumpkin-spice flavored, and have a good September!


Thanks for stopping in! Ciao!


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