Well well well. It’s February and true to form my daily devotionals have turned to monthly-if-that devotionals. And that new blog post every week? Yeah. Not happening.


So I think I’ll blame it on transition.

I just finished my first full week at my brand spankin’ shiny new job. Man oh man. This getting up early every stinking day thing is, like, hard. And then, I have to work the whole day. By the time I get home, it’s time to feed the man that lives in my house. Because he’s hungry. Again. I could go on. Suffice it to say that going from part-time work/ministry, to full-time work at a law firm has been quite the whiny transition.

Why did I do it? Because a number of months ago, as I prayed about provision, God told me that I was going to get a job offer that I did not apply for, and wasn’t necessarily wanting. I tucked that away and kept working part-time and praying for provision. And then one day, a girl I don’t know contacted my daughter-in-law in Utah and asked her if she knew anyone in Waco with legal experience. Bada-bing bada-boom, a few e-mails later I had an interview at a law firm and here I am. Working at a job I wasn’t looking for and didn’t necessarily want. God speaks truth and God is good, so this new gig is good for me, even best for me. All my whining aside, I am full on trusting Him in this, because I know that I know that He is leading me.

And let’s be real. Knowing He is the one who led me to this new job doesn’t take a ton of wisdom. If I were out in front of this train, I’d still be sleeping in, working part of the day and then skipping home to work on my hula hoop skilz. I would not have led me back into legal work, at a place with a bunch of stairs I have to traverse all dang day, and where I have to wear closed shoes. No ma’am. I am not the one in charge here. Obviously. I am also not complaining. I know it sounds eerily similar to complaining, but I’m not. I’m explaaaining. There’s a difference.

I have yet to really process my three years with, and departure from, Grace House. But when I do, you’ll hear about it. Here. You’ll hear about it here. I won’t call you or anything. You and I both know I have some kind of weirdo hysterical phobia thing about making phone calls. (“Hysterical” was too much, right? Yeah, I knew it was too much as soon as I said it.)

Anyway, thanks for listening. And since you’re here, take a look around. I’ve written some stuff. You read stuff. We’re a team!