Welcome to my words!

KarlaIn 2009 I did a study of the two primary gardens in scripture. The Garden of Eden, and Gethsemane.

In Eden, we bought the first lie, chose our own way over His, and ended up trying to hide ourselves, and our shame, from Him.

In Gethsemane, Jesus wrestled with His own will, and then laid it down and took up the will of His Father.  From that point, His face was set on the cross, where He gave His life so that we no longer have to try to hide from God.

A good part of my journey following Jesus has been learning to be more at home in Gethsemane than in Eden. To come out of hiding, leave my shame behind, and learn to die so that I can fully live.

It’s been a messy, painful, ugly and beautiful journey out of Eden, and here is where I talk about it.